The Obstacle is The Way - Open the Gate to Your Life Limitless Possibilities

The Obstacle is The Way [Steal Good Fortune From Misfortune]

I was never drawn to books, let alone sitting still and reading. I started reading heavily when I decided a few years back that I wanted to be better, live more and most importantly to expand my mind and open my eyes to the opportunities that I once couldn’t see. changes my perception of every … Read more

learning to be fearless

Learning To Be Fearless [What Nobody is Telling You]

For so many years, I let my fears dictate how I live my life. It became so comforting that I used it to stop myself from trying anything new, even when I know it’ll make me happy. What I learned over the years is that fear is just our bad management of our own mental … Read more

Relationship and High Self-Esteem

Do Not Attempt This Unless You Have High Self-Esteem

Are you comfortable dating yourself? If you ask me this question a few years back, my answer would be, nope, nada and no in all possible other languages. One of the biggest mistakes I made was getting into a relationship when I should have taken the time to work on myself. Having high self-esteem would … Read more

Physically Fit vs Mentally Strong, the answers might surprise you

Physically Fit vs Mentally Strong: The Answer Might Surprise You

One night after coming home from the gym, I told my husband that I was exhausted and he said “you know, it doesn’t matter how much you take care of your physical well-being. If you neglect your mental health, you will feel like sh*t more often than you want to.” And it got me thinking, … Read more

Why do people lie and how to stop lying

Why Do People Lie and How to Deal with Liars

They say, “Tell a lie once, and all your truths become questionable”. But, isn’t it true that everyone lies? Be that good-natured dishonesties and harmless tricks, or carefully fabricated deceits and blatant frauds, distorted truths are so deeply intertwined with the human nature that we cannot but ask: why do people lie? Why Do People … Read more

25 Self-Esteem Activities and Challenges For Anyone

25 Self-Esteem Activities and Challenges For Anyone

Self-esteem is a very intimate subject for many, including myself. Growing up in a culture where physical beauty defines how your future is going to turn out, I was considered a failure the day I was born. There wasn’t a lot of encouraging words from my mom, so you can guess how low my self-esteem … Read more