learning to be fearless

Learning To Be Fearless [What Nobody is Telling You]

For so many years, I let my fears dictate how I live my life. It became so comforting that I used it to stop myself from trying anything new, even when I know it’ll make me happy. What I learned over the years is that fear is just our bad management of our own mental … Read more

good thoughts on life, you are the product of your own thoughts

Good Thoughts on Life, You Are the Product of Your Own Thoughts

Good thoughts on life are exactly what can help you lead the life you want and deserve. They are the key to your happiness and success in life, so you should always nurture them in order to create the best possible future for yourself. How many times have you found yourself in a difficult situation, … Read more

attitude is everything

Attitude is Everything – Learn Why Most Still Carry The Wrong One

There are a lot of factors that determine our success, some of which are completely out of our control. The number one factor in determining how successful we are, though, is completely within our own control – attitude. Saying that attitude is everything is more than a feel-good quote out of a self-help book or … Read more

25 Self-Esteem Activities and Challenges For Anyone

25 Self-Esteem Activities and Challenges For Anyone

Self-esteem is a very intimate subject for many, including myself. Growing up in a culture where physical beauty defines how your future is going to turn out, I was considered a failure the day I was born. There wasn’t a lot of encouraging words from my mom, so you can guess how low my self-esteem … Read more

10 Self-Esteem Tests That Will Cultivate How You Feel About Yourself

10 Self-Esteem Test Reviews You Must Read Before Taking Them

Self-esteem test is the answer to a simple, yet intimidating question: “How do I feel about who I am?” At the same time, it is what drives us forward or keeps holding us back. In psychology, it reflects a person’s overall subjective, emotional evaluation of their own worth, but in practice, the self-concept determines how … Read more

what are interpersonal skills? and How to improve them?

What Are Interpersonal Skills and How To Improve Them

What are the interpersonal skills? It is the people skills that you and I use every day to communicate and interact with others at a workplace, in a team meeting, in relationships and pretty much everywhere and anywhere. These skills are one of my top criteria to use when evaluating employees’ performance and future candidates … Read more

Always Believe In Yourself, Learn Why Most People Are Insecure and How To Boost Your Self-Belief

Always Believe In Yourself and Learn Why Most People Are Insecure

Always believe in yourself, my grandma used to tell me every time I’m down. In today society, thanks to all the advanced technology that we conveniently have access to, it is easy said than done. Insecurity, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, in general, have become some of the main tools for creating humorous posts nowadays. … Read more

50 Best Self-Help Books You Must Read That Will Put You On The Right Path In Your Life

50 Best Self-Help Books of All Time That Will Change Your Life

Books can provide us with such a wealth of support, knowledge, and inspiration in many areas of our lives. I remembered the books that I picked up which became two of my favorite best self-help books were How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. These books that … Read more