Why do people lie and how to stop lying

Why Do People Lie and How to Deal with Liars

They say, “Tell a lie once, and all your truths become questionable”. But, isn’t it true that everyone lies? Be that good-natured dishonesties and harmless tricks, or carefully fabricated deceits and blatant frauds, distorted truths are so deeply intertwined with our human nature that we cannot but ask: why do people lie? Why Do People … Read more

what are interpersonal skills? and How to improve them?

What Are Interpersonal Skills and How To Improve Them

What are interpersonal skills? It is the people skills that you and I use every day to communicate and interact with others at a workplace, in a team meeting, in relationships and pretty much everywhere and anywhere. These skills are one of my top criteria to use when evaluating employees’ performance and future candidates during … Read more