self-love help books

15 Self-Love Help Books for Every Stage of Your Personal Journey

You might be wondering, ‘Why self-love help books?’ Here’s why: They’re not just books, they’re your personal coaches, guiding you toward loving yourself like never before. I’ve seen firsthand how these books break down the complex process of self-acceptance into manageable steps. They’re filled with wisdom, tools, and exercises specifically designed to make self-love attainable. … Read more

Self-love books for men

15 Best Self-Love Books for Men: A Tool for Healing, Growth, and Transformation

Gentlemen, I’m speaking directly to you. The idea of self-love might feel foreign, but it’s exactly where you need to start. Self-love books for men? They’re more than just paper; they’re a tailored guide to discovering what makes you extraordinary. These books are like having a conversation with a friend who understands the unique challenges … Read more

What is a Life Coach and Why You Need One

What is a Life Coach and Why You Need One

Adviser, mentor, confidant. Since the dawn of time, ambitious people have relied on aides to help them see the right path. In the 1980s, they’ve been replaced with life coaches – those with enough wisdom and experience to guide us towards happiness and success. Today, there’s a life coach for nearly everything, from nutrition and … Read more

life lessons for kids

30 Underappreciated Life Lessons for Kids

The biggest truths about life are often told in the tiniest moments. We grow up, and we call them life lessons for kids. But, aren’t those simple words of wisdom lessons for all? Passed along from elders to beginners. They make up a treasure trove of cautionary tales and casual pieces of advice. These are … Read more

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15 Lesser Known Inspirational Blogs That You Must Visit

My main intention when creating Pinch of Attitude was to share my deeply personal, uplifting and emotional life lessons. I wanted to not only help end suffering for anyone who experiences pain and hostility that hold them back from living their lives purposely and meaningfully but to also shut off all the irrelevant noises so … Read more