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Letting go of someone Why I Finally Found Peace After Letting Go of My Relationship with My Sister - Your sister is supposed to be your best friend. No matter what you go through, she's the confidant you can always count ... Read more
Relationship Counseling and Why You May Need it Relationship Counseling and Why You May Need it - When you find the person you love, you're on cloud nine. You look at them with rose-colored glasses and imagine your future ... Read more
What is Happiness and Why is it Different for Everyone What Is Happiness and Why Is It Different for Everyone? - We all want to be happy but what is happiness exactly to any of us? Fortunately, being happy is easier said than ... Read more

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Kolyanne Russ

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I am a Certified Life Coach, a mother to a handsome kiddo, and a woman doing her best to be a little better each day. I get the honor of helping people just like you who want to feel better, want to solve their problems and tackle their goals but they aren’t sure how.

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