how to have a tough conversations with your partner after a fight.

How I Start Tough Conversations with My Partner Without Sparking a War

Let’s face it, having difficult conversations with your partner can feel like navigating a minefield with a blindfold on. We’ve all been there, those moments where you know you need to talk about something serious, but you’d rather stick your head in a beehive. I’ve been through this, and let me tell you, it doesn’t … Read more

3 Deep Questions To Connect With Your Partner.

3 Deep Questions Your Partner Secretly Wants You to Ask

Let’s get real, relationships aren’t all about roses and candlelit dinners. I wish someone would sell a perfect relationship manual so you and I can use it to overcome difficult stages in our relationships. I know wishful thinking 🤪. Ok! If you want a truly fulfilling connection with your partner, you’ve got to dig deep, … Read more

what to do when you're overthinking in a relationship

What To Do When You’re Overthinking in a Relationship? Try These

For a while, overthinking was my default setting in relationships. Every text, every silence, became a potential disaster zone in my head. But I knew it wasn’t healthy, and I wanted things to work. So, I decided to take charge and find ways to shut down that negative voice in my head. If you’re wondering … Read more

why do I keep overthinking my relationship

Why Do I Keep Overthinking My Relationship? Here’s Why

Why do I keep overthinking my relationship? It’s a question that’s echoed in my mind countless times. One minute, everything feels perfect, and the next, I’m dissecting a text message like it holds the secrets of the universe. A simple “hey” becomes a full-blown analysis of his mood and a canceled dinner spirals into a … Read more

how to stop overthinking in a long distance relationship

How To Stop Overthinking in a Long Distance Relationship? My Personal Takes

If you’ve ever been in a long-distance relationship, you know how real the struggle can be. Miles between you and your special someone can mean missing cuddles, movie nights, and all that good stuff. The worst part? The overthinking monster whispering doubts in your ear. “Is he seeing someone else?” “Are we drifting apart?” Yep, … Read more

overthinking when dating

Overthinking When Dating: Signs, Causes, and Ways To Nip It for Good!

Overthinking when dating is like having a movie playing in your head, except it’s a suspense thriller filled with doubt and uncertainty. You replay every conversation, analyze every text, and scrutinize every detail, trying to decipher hidden meanings. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? But you’re not alone. I, too, have fallen into the same overthinking trap, … Read more

how to explain overthinking in a relationship

8 Ways How To Explain Overthinking in a Relationship

Ever find yourself replaying that conversation with your boo in your head, dissecting every word for hidden meanings? Maybe you catastrophize about the future, conjuring up worst-case scenarios that leave you in a cold sweat. Yeah, me too. I know how it feels to be stuck in the land of overthinking, where your mind becomes … Read more

how to apologize for overthinking in a relationship

How To Apologize for Overthinking in a Relationship? Steps I Took

Replaying conversations in your head, imagining worst-case scenarios, getting all worked up about nothing— ugh! As an overthinker myself, trust me, I know the feeling. Overthinking is a common part of every relationship. But while it happens to the best of us, it can definitely cause problems between you and your partner, as it did … Read more