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Excessive Independence: Why We Overwork Ourselves and How to Strike a Balance

As I looked in the mirror and combed my fingers through my hair, the unexpected burst of gray hair was undeniable. I was only 32 years old but had aged several years in the past six months.  I was head under water overworking myself and experiencing the worst burnout of my life.  This wasn’t a … Read more

Finding Freedom in Acknowledgment Amidst Trauma

Cleansed by the Truth: Finding Freedom in Acknowledgment Amidst Trauma

“Go straight to the heart of danger, for there you will find safety.” Chinese proverb I didn’t think I was ready to write about this. But it’s exactly why I felt I needed to, and did…a year and a half ago, where it just sat in my iPhone notes. This process has taught me that … Read more

Different Types of Narcissistic Mothers

How Do Different Types of Narcissistic Mothers Influence Addiction?

As I sit in my office surrounded by the stories and journeys of those we’ve helped, I can’t help but reflect on a recurring theme that often emerges in our discussions about addiction – the profound impact of a narcissistic parent, especially a mother. In exploring the various types of narcissistic mothers, I’ve come to … Read more