self love after toxic relationship

20 Simple Ways How to Self-Love After Toxic Relationship

No one starts out looking for a toxic relationship. They just sort of happen, but they have a strange way of becoming habitual. Suddenly, toxicity is like your “thing”. You might share memes about it, joke about it with your friends, and desperately try to cover up the fact that deep down, you are humiliated … Read more

relationship books

The Only 5 Books You Will Ever Need for a Perfect Relationship

I love reading and being alone. To me, it’s the best combination to capture new knowledge and explore new ideas to share with others to uplift each other life. The relationship was one of the toughest life topics for me. It took me years to understand and apply what I learned from readings and valuable … Read more

Valentine’s Day Will Ruin Your Perfect Relationship Before You Even Know It

Valentine’s Day Will Ruin Your Relationship Before You Even Know It

My husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. No, we’re not boring. We’re smart. If this sounds conceited, puzzle me this: how come Valentine’s Day is a global enterprise that earns around $30 billion every year in America alone, but still manages to leave our girlfriends inconsolably sad and disappointed in their significant others? Yesterday, … Read more

make every man want you

5 Hot Relationship Tips On How To Make Every Man Want You!

Make Every Man Want You, there are two things I want to make it clear about this wonderful book and how it empowered me to be better as a person and woman for my husband and everyone around me. First, is not your typical , you won’t find secret relationship rules or magic potion recipes … Read more