what to do when you're overthinking in a relationship

What To Do When You’re Overthinking in a Relationship? Try These

For a while, overthinking was my default setting in relationships. Every text, every silence, became a potential disaster zone in my head. But I knew it wasn’t healthy, and I wanted things to work. So, I decided to take charge and find ways to shut down that negative voice in my head. If you’re wondering … Read more

Finding Your Voice Speaking Up in Toxic Sibling Relationships

Finding Your Voice: Speaking Up in Toxic Sibling Relationships

Dealing with toxic sibling relationships is something that hits close to home for many of us. It’s a tough spot, and I totally get it because I’ve been there myself. Are you familiar with the feeling of having siblings who just know how to push your buttons or make you feel small? It’s not a … Read more


How to Move On After Cutting Ties With Your Toxic Siblings?

Family dynamics can be crazy complicated, and deciding to put some distance between you and a sibling can really stir up a whole mix of feelings. A few years back, I had to cut ties with my own siblings since our relationship had been really unhealthy. With my older sister, it was tough as nails, … Read more


I Got Gaslighted By My Toxic Siblings: I Decided To Do This

When I was growing up, family was everything to me. Though I didn’t really connect with my younger brother, my older sister was my rock. I looked up to her, leaned on her for support, and trusted her completely, like, 200%. But as time went on, things started to shift. I began to notice these … Read more

What Is It Like Growing Up With a Narcissistic Father?

What Is It Like Growing Up With a Narcissistic Father? Here’s My Story

Family bonds. Shared blood. A supposed guarantee of love and support. Yet, for my cousins, in these very ties lie a twisted truth they know intimately: the cost of growing up with a narcissistic father. My uncle, not unlike his sister (my own mother), cast a long shadow of self-absorption over his children’s lives, leaving … Read more

why do I keep overthinking my relationship

Why Do I Keep Overthinking My Relationship? Here’s Why

Why do I keep overthinking my relationship? It’s a question that’s echoed in my mind countless times. One minute, everything feels perfect, and the next, I’m dissecting a text message like it holds the secrets of the universe. A simple “hey” becomes a full-blown analysis of his mood and a canceled dinner spirals into a … Read more

how to stop overthinking in a long distance relationship

How To Stop Overthinking in a Long Distance Relationship? My Personal Takes

If you’ve ever been in a long-distance relationship, you know how real the struggle can be. Miles between you and your special someone can mean missing cuddles, movie nights, and all that good stuff. The worst part? The overthinking monster whispering doubts in your ear. “Is he seeing someone else?” “Are we drifting apart?” Yep, … Read more

how i stand up to my sister's manipulation

How I Stand Up to My Sister’s Manipulation: 9 Things I Did

You know what’s something pretty personal but probably hits home for many of you? Dealing with manipulation from a family member, especially a sister. It’s a tricky dynamic, and I’ve definitely had my fair share of navigating through it. But along the way, I’ve learned a few things that might just help you out too. … Read more

the art of saying 'no' to my toxic siblings

The Art of Saying ‘No’ to My Toxic Siblings: My Personal 9 Tips

Ever find yourself always saying “yes” to things you really want to say “no” to, especially when dealing with toxic siblings? Been there too, and let me tell you, learning the art of saying ‘no’ to toxic siblings is like discovering a superpower that can truly transform your life for the better. Growing up, I … Read more