I Got Gaslighted By My Toxic Siblings: I Decided To Do This

When I was growing up, family was everything to me. Though I didn’t really connect with my younger brother, my older sister was my rock.

I looked up to her, leaned on her for support, and trusted her completely, like, 200%.

But as time went on, things started to shift. I began to notice these little comments, those subtle jabs that made me second-guess myself and my own reality.

It was like constantly walking on eggshells, not knowing if I was just being too sensitive or if something was genuinely off.

Then it hit me – I was being gaslighted.

Gaslighting really messes with your head, you know. It makes you doubt your own perceptions and leaves you feeling completely isolated and confused. Not a good feeling, I swear.

But I wasn’t about to let it define my life or my relationships. I decided to put my mental well-being first and take back control.

Below, I want to share my journey with you – the things I did to address my siblings’ gaslighting behavior.

  • When you spot patterns of gaslighting, you validate your feelings and regain clarity about what’s real.
  • Communicating what is acceptable and standing firm against manipulation helps protect your emotional well-being.
  • Seeking support from people you trust reinforces your self-worth and helps you navigate challenging relationships with greater clarity and resilience.

7 Steps I Took to Address Gaslighting by My Siblings

Your reality is always being questioned, your feelings brushed aside, and your truth twisted by the very folks you’ve trusted your whole life.

That’s the tough spot I found myself in – stuck in this suffocating gaslighting mess, courtesy of my own siblings.

It’s incredibly isolating and disorienting.

But hey, let me tell you, there’s light at the end of this tunnel. I’ve been through that maze, and now I’m here to help guide you out of it.

1. Spotting the Patterns

Recognizing how my siblings were gaslighting me was a big turning point in my journey of self-discovery and healing.

I started noticing the same behaviors and manipulative tricks they used to make me doubt myself.

One big thing I noticed was how they would always play down or ignore my achievements.

Instead of being happy for me, they’d say it was just luck or something external that got me there, which made it seem like my hard work didn’t matter.

Whenever I’d share some good news about work or personal stuff I’d accomplished, they’d brush it off like it wasn’t a big deal, implying I didn’t deserve it.

Realizing this was a form of gaslighting really opened my eyes. It helped me see that my feelings were valid and that I wasn’t making things up.

2. Educating Myself About Gaslighting Behaviors

Discovering what gaslighting was really opened my eyes during my healing journey.

As I dove into learning more about gaslighting through articles and books, I started to understand how my siblings’ manipulative tactics messed with my sense of what was real.

It was like a lightbulb moment – I finally saw what was happening and that I wasn’t crazy for feeling the way I did.

When my siblings had cut off communication with me a few years ago, I had no idea why. I kept asking myself if the problem was me all along.

After learning about gaslighting behaviors and seeing how they downplayed my wins every chance they got, I realized they had cut me off because they were jealous of my achievements.

Due to that awareness, I began focusing on giving myself validation. I refused to let their toxic behavior mess with my sense of self-worth or reality anymore.


Educating myself about gaslighting was a big part of healing and taking back control of my own story.

3. Drawing the Line

Setting clear boundaries and putting my foot down with my siblings was a major turning point in my recovery from their gaslighting.

Looking back on everything, I could see how their sneaky behaviors had really messed with my self-esteem and made me doubt my own reality.

I decided to take charge and make it clear what was and wasn’t okay. I started speaking up whenever they tried to belittle my achievements or brush off my feelings.

They pushed back and resisted because they were used to having the upper hand with their manipulation games. But I stuck to my guns and focused on taking care of myself emotionally.

Being assertive felt amazing!

4. Seeking Support From Trusted People

Getting support from trusted people was key to recovering from the gaslighting I went through with my siblings.

I realized I needed understanding outside of that toxic situation, so I turned to close friends, understanding cousins, and supportive family members.

Whenever I shared my bad experiences, they made me feel like my feelings were totally valid and that I deserved recognition and respect.

Having this support boosted my confidence big time. It helped me focus on my mental well-being and handle tough relationships with more clarity and resilience.

5. Self-Reflection

Looking back and really digging into my own thoughts was one of the things I did to bounce back from the gaslighting my siblings put me through.

Self-reflection helped me build up trust in my own reality and gut feelings, realizing that what I see and feel is totally valid and deserves respect.

Taking time to reflect allowed me to unpack how their gaslighting messed with my self-esteem and made me question myself.

I looked back at all those times I second-guessed myself because of their mind games. Through this self-examination, things started to click for me.

I got clearer on when they were trying to mess with my head and I got better at sticking to what I knew was true despite their attempts to twist things.


Self-reflection gave me the strength to lay down boundaries and protect my mental well-being from their manipulation.

6. Letting Go of Guilt

I stopped blaming myself for my siblings’ manipulative behavior and realized I wasn’t responsible for what they did or how they acted.

Gaslighting makes you doubt yourself and wonder if you somehow caused their dismissive or hurtful behavior.

But with some soul-searching and support from people I trust, my perspective totally changed.

I saw that their actions came from their own issues and insecurities, not from anything wrong with me.

You see, my amazing relationship with my sister wouldn’t turn out badly if she didn’t get jealous of my success. I blamed myself for that for so long.

There were even times when I was thinking of making myself fail purposefully so that she wouldn’t feel that way.

Good thing, I saved myself from the self-sabotage.

Releasing that unnecessary guilt helped me see that I deserve respect and kindness in all my relationships.

Once I let go of that guilt, I felt like I got my power back.

I could focus on taking care of myself without carrying around this weight of feeling responsible for their behavior.


Changing my mindset like this was a big deal for my healing and feeling more empowered in my own life.

7. Making Peace

Not long after my siblings’ had cut me off, I realized that this break from them was actually a blessing in disguise.

Looking back, I remembered this saying that really stuck with me: “The best revenge is to live your life as successful as you can be.”

That hit home for me. So, I decided to focus on my own happiness and well-being.

I let go of holding onto the past and decided to move forward with a positive attitude and determination.

Instead of getting caught up in bitterness or trying to prove something to them, I poured my energy into chasing my dreams and embracing each day as a chance to grow and thrive.
Changing my outlook gave me the power to take back control of my story. I wasn’t going to let their gaslighting define me or hold me back.


Making peace with the past allowed me to step into a brighter future filled with self-love and purpose.

Why is It Difficult to Confront Your Sibling’s Gaslighting behavior?

Dealing with gaslighting from a sibling is no walk in the park. It’s this messy mix of emotions, history, and family dynamics that can make speaking up feel like an impossible feat.

From day one, our siblings are often our first pals, partners in crime, and go-to support. They’re meant to have our backs, cheering us on and standing by us through it all.

So, when that shifts and they start messing with our reality, it really hits deep, right?

Here’s why tackling your sibling’s gaslighting behavior can feel like climbing Mount Everest:

  • Deep-rooted bond: Siblings have this special connection from all those years of growing up together. It’s hard to wrap your head around the idea that they might actually want to hurt you on purpose.
  • Fear of conflict: Having a showdown with family, especially your own sibling, can feel super daunting. We worry about stirring up drama or wrecking the relationship, so we often keep quiet.
  • Guilt and obligation: Society’s big on family loyalty, right? That can leave us feeling mega guilty for speaking up against our siblings or feeling like we have to protect them no matter what.
  • Manipulative tactics: Gaslighters are like masters of mind games. They twist words and shift blame. Basically, they mess with our heads so much that we start doubting ourselves.
  • Power dynamics: Sibling relationships can get tricky with who’s in charge. If one sibling is older or more dominant, they can throw their weight around and make it even tougher to stand up to them.

If you want to take back control and face gaslighting head-on, the first step is to recognize all these hurdles.

If They Let You Go, You Should Too!

Overcoming gaslighting in toxic sibling relationships is totally possible.

Recognize the manipulation tactics at play and educate yourself about gaslighting behaviors, so that you can begin to take steps to protect your mental well-being.

You deserve respect and understanding in all aspects of your life, including within your family dynamics.

Trust in your strength to navigate this challenging situation and emerge stronger on the other side.

I hope my story strikes a chord with you and gives you the confidence to shape your own story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it challenging to confront a sibling’s gaslighting behavior?

Confronting a sibling’s gaslighting behavior can be difficult due to the deep emotional bond and history shared with them. It’s hard to accept that someone so close might intentionally hurt you.

What makes addressing gaslighting from a sibling difficult?

The fear of conflict within the family dynamic can make confronting a sibling’s gaslighting behavior seem daunting. There’s often a worry about damaging the relationship or causing unnecessary drama.

How does gaslighting affect self-esteem in sibling relationships?

Gaslighting by a sibling can lead to self-doubt and questioning of one’s own reality and achievements. It may make you feel like your feelings and accomplishments are not valid.

What role does setting boundaries play in dealing with sibling gaslighting?

Setting clear boundaries is crucial in recovering from sibling gaslighting. It helps establish what behaviors are acceptable and empowers you to protect your emotional well-being.

Why is seeking support important in overcoming sibling gaslighting?

Seeking support from trusted individuals outside of the toxic relationship can provide validation and clarity. This support boosts confidence and helps in navigating challenging relationships more effectively.

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