Good Thoughts on Life, You Are the Product of Your Own Thoughts

Good thoughts on life are exactly what can help you lead the life you want and deserve. They are the key to your happiness and success in life, so you should always nurture them in order to create the best possible future for yourself.

How many times have you found yourself in a difficult situation, thinking that there is nothing you can do to improve it?

How many times have you felt completely helpless, thinking that perhaps your life is falling apart and all you can do is sit and watch, like a character in a movie, waiting to see what happens next?

What if I told you that you are the only one who can change the quality of your life and completely turn the tables around whenever you want it?

Whatever the situation you are in today, you can turn it around with nothing but your own thoughts.

A man is but the product of his own thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. – Mahatma GandhiClick to Post

What You Think Reflects on How You Act

What You Think Reflects on How You Act

Your thoughts determine your future. Your future is not set in stone, if you want to create a path leading to the life you have always dreamed of, you need to act upon your dreams.

But, doing that effectively means that you need to think about everything you want to accomplish and take steps for reaching your goals.

The biggest mistake a lot of people do is the lack of action in many areas of their lives. We all can and love to dream because it makes us feel good. I’ve been there but dream with no action is just life full of fantasies.

If you have a goal or goals in your life, you need to act on it, don’t worry about what others think, or the mistakes that you will make. Set your goals, draw an action plan and march on.

You Are What You Think: Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life

You Are What You Think: Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life

You know that saying: “You are what you eat”? The same rule applies for your thoughts.

The thoughts you feed your mind will determine who you are. They determine your character, your personality and, ultimately, they mold you into the person you are today.

For instance, if you are constantly troubled with negative thoughts, you will eventually start feeling bad about yourself. You will have trouble finding the silver lining, which can really be found everywhere you look. You will not be able to see the beauty in small things of everyday life.

Your thoughts can have a lasting impact on your life, so you need to ensure that you feed your mind with a healthy and soulful mind food that you would for your body.

Good thoughts on life can be the way to entering the world of pure bliss and joy, experiencing a lifetime of happiness.

Subconscious Mind Power

the power of subconscious mind

The power of the subconscious mind is greater than you can even imagine. While your conscious mind is limited, as it is aware of everything you perceive and makes decisions accordingly, your subconscious mind can alter your reality and completely change the quality of your life.

Your habits and thinking patterns can make your subconscious mind think that anything is possible. And it is!

You can do anything you set your mind to – all you have to do is harness the power of your subconscious mind by filling it with good thoughts on life.

Why? Because your subconscious mind is most comfortable when you asleep and it’s busy at work. While you are preparing yourself before bedtime, the last 5 minutes before you fall asleep you need to feed your mind with good, positive and energizing thoughts such as: “I am lucky, I am content, I am fulfilled, I am rich…” and so forth. Put this in practice and you will feel differently about yourself and how you see things.

Positive and Negative Thoughts Grow Stronger When Fertilized with Constant Repetition

Positive and Negative Thoughts Grow Stronger When Fertilized with Constant Repetition

Have you heard about the Law of Attraction? It is the belief that you are able to attract anything you want if you truly focus on it. If you fill your mind with positive thoughts, positive things will happen to you. On the other hand, if you focus on negative thoughts, you will attract negative experiences.

Remember, your mind is a secret garden, plant and always fertilize good thoughts on life and, in turn, your life will be a dream come true. Become an artist who can paint the picture of the coveted life. You are in complete control of what your life will turn out to be, so use the brightest colors to paint its picture.

Positive and negative thoughts grow stronger when fertilized with constant repetition.Click to Post

How to Develop Positive Thinking Habits

how to develop positive thinking habits

Positive thinking is all really a matter of habits. If you are not quite a positive thinker, you don’t exactly wake up one morning and suddenly become one, do you?

You learn it on-the-go, gradually, until it becomes a habit that comes completely naturally to you.

I’m not going to lie – there are a lot of steps that you need to take in order to develop positive thinking habits but, once you understand all the steps and actually start taking them one by one, you will see that it is definitely not an impossible, let alone difficult, mission.

1. The Importance of Self-Awareness: Become More Self-Aware

By becoming more self-aware, you will better understand who you are and what it is that makes you unique. By knowing yourself and understanding what you can and cannot do, you will know what actions to take towards empowering yourself to improve your life.

If you know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are, you will know how to address them and make both work in your favor. Becoming aware of your strengths will help you build on them, while your weaknesses will show you what you need to improve about yourself.

Since becoming more self-aware inevitably leads to self-improvement, it goes without saying that positive vibes will be all over you. Your mind will eventually be filled with good thoughts on life, which will reflect on the way you think and act.

2. Think Success – Don’t Think Failure at Home and at Work

If you focus on the success you want to achieve, you will open a lot of doors that will lead you to actually achieving it.

Just think about the Law of Attraction again – if you are constantly thinking about failing at work or problems at home, for instance, you may not see the solution that may be right in front of your eyes.

Don’t attract bad things – think about success and it will come. Of course, it takes some effort on your part, but focusing on your goal will give you the willpower to achieve it, and nothing will ever stand in your way of doing so.

3. Remind Yourself Daily that You Are Better Than You Think You Are

Each and every one of us is different, but that is what makes us unique. You should never compare yourself to someone and wonder why you are not the same as them. You are different, and that is your power!

You need to remind yourself every single day that you are awesome, and you will start truly believing in it, which will turn you into a confident person, always ready to take on the world. There is so much beauty and strength in you, even if you don’t know it yet. All you need to do is let it shine through.

4. Broadcast Good News – Always Turn on Your Positive Channel

Positive thoughts will always result in positive experiences. Nurturing good thoughts on life will completely transform the way you think and act, so never let any negative circumstance affect you to the extent of not even wanting to turn the tables around because you can.

Turning on your positive channel will not leave any room for negative news, so make sure you stay positive and you can be certain that good things will follow.

5. Steal Good Fortune from Misfortune

There will definitely be times when you encounter some misfortune in your life, but what you decide to do with it is exactly what will help you change your life. You need to turn your problems into opportunities, so make sure you look for the silver lining, even when it seems that it doesn’t even exist.

All you need to do is get a new vantage point, as you will certainly find good fortune when you take a look at your problems from a different perspective. It’s all a matter of approach, so shift your focus and you will think your way to success.

6. Be a “Learn-It-All”, Not a “Know-It-All”

No one likes a know-it-all. Not that it matters what someone thinks of you, but being a know-it-all can prevent you from focusing on self-improvement. If you think that you don’t need to keep learning, no matter if it’s at school or at work, you will stand in your own way of personal and professional growth.

Instead, be a learn-it-all kind of person. Don’t stop craving for knowledge, since everyday learning will significantly enrich your life. Don’t be ashamed to admit that you don’t know something, because that kind of self-awareness will actually help you improve and grow.

7. Stop Complaining: Life Doesn’t Owe You Anything

If you are having financial problems, for instance, or any other kind of problem, you need to work on resolving it, because the solution will not magically appear on your doorstep. Instead of complaining, do something to change the situation.

Whatever it is that you want, you need to go out and get it. You are in complete control of your life and, if you are not happy with it, you need to do something about it, because sitting and waiting for happiness will not help you achieve it. So, stop complaining and get rid of negativity, and you will find your way through any obstacle.

8. Believe in Small Steps: Crawl – Walk – Run

Success doesn’t come overnight. It takes time and effort, so taking baby steps at first will help you start running sooner than you may have imagined. Set small goals and work on achieving them by taking one small step at a time, instead of trying to jump right away.

When you start repeatedly taking one small step forward, before long, you will truly reach your goals, and you won’t even realize that you have been running all along. So, believe in small steps and, most importantly, believe in yourself.

9. Grow a Winning Attitude, as It Is a Mirror to Your Mind

On one side of your life’s mirror is your attitude and the way you perceive the world around you, including both positive and negative feelings and thoughts. The reflection of all that is on the other side of that mirror – everything you achieve in your life with your thoughts and actions.

If you want that reflection to be as bright as it possibly can, you need to grow a winning attitude, as it is the only way towards happiness. When you have a negative attitude, everything seems difficult, doesn’t it? With a positive attitude, you will give yourself wings to fly.

10. Always Deliver More than Expected of You in Anything

No matter what you do in life, you should always give your absolute best. Delivering more than expected of you will not only help you succeed faster, especially in your career, but you will also build your confidence once you take a look at your extraordinary results.

When your confidence is higher, you have the motivation to improve and move even further in life. You feel as if you are on top of the world and nothing can stop you from reaching your goals.

11. Don’t be mediocre, But Dare to be Different by Giving Your Best in Everything You Do

Self-Investment: It Will Never Depreciate and the Value Always Rises

If you constantly invest in yourself, you will give yourself the power to succeed in everything you do. Whether you invest in a particular skill or your personal growth, your value and potential will only keep rising. New opportunities will keep popping up around every corner and you will become the best version of yourself.

12. Be “The Master and Captain of Your Fate”

You are the only one who is in complete control of your life. While you cannot always control what happens to you, you can control how it actually affects you and your life.

You know that saying: “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it”? It’s all a matter of your attitude, so make sure you react positively no matter what life throws at you.

You always have a choice, so make sure you choose wisely, without letting anything dictate the way you react.

13. Be the Mechanic of Your Life

Build your life exactly the way you want it, because you are the only one in charge. Collect all the important parts that will lead you to success and happiness, and then piece them together. If you clearly focus on every puzzle piece you need in order to achieve your goals, they will all fall into place before you even realize it.

Always learn how you can get better, and work on achieving it. Know your values and understand what it is that will make you happy, and the steps for reaching the success you strive for will become as clear as day.

14. Whatever You Face, Focus on the Three H’s: Hard Work, Honesty, and Helping Others

Hard work will help you go a long way in your career, not to mention that hard work on your personal growth will enable you to mold yourself into the person you want to be.

Being honest with yourself will help you become more self-aware and being honest with others, as well as lending a helping hand whenever you can, will help you forge strong relationships with people around you who can fulfill your life and make it a lot richer.

Patience – Learn to Love and to Trust the Process

15. Patience is a Virtue and One of the Keys to Happiness and Success.

Don’t expect to get everything you want right away because you will only end up feeling miserable, as nothing can be achieved in an instant.

By choosing to be patient, no matter what happens to you in life, you will actually choose to be happy.

Patience will always lead you to the right path to success, so trust it and let it do its magic. It will help you overcome any setback, as its positive effects can really go a long way.

Good Thoughts on Life

You truly are the product of your own thoughts so, if you really want to become the best possible version of yourself and fill your life with happiness, as I’m sure you do, make sure you nurture your positive thoughts, even when life gets tough.

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, and nothing and no one but yourself stands in your way of reaching it.

You are more powerful than you think, so harness that power and dare to live the life you have always dreamed of.

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  1. Great post! Such a great list for how to reprogram our minds to think more positively, and I love the imagery in the quote from Charles Swindoll about constant repetition fertilizing negative thoughts. He said, “Our performance is directly related to the thoughts we deposit in our memory bank. We can only draw on what we deposit.” “Come Before Winter” is on my reading list. The book was written in 1985 and yet it’s evergreen. People are bombarded daily with so many sources of negativity; they definitely don’t need to be a source of that themselves. And the truth is we are in control. Max Lucado wrote in “Be Anxious for Nothing” that we’re in the control tower and we decide which planes (thoughts) land.


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